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As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit private school, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of offering dance to everyone.  Inclusivity, connection, personal growth, and self expression are a few of the foundations of all our programs.  We love lighting up our community with something for everyone. In addition to our general classes offered, we have progressive skills classes indicated by roman numerals II & III for older youth. Strong attendance and teacher attentiveness, intense technique work, and skills progress are foundations in these progressive classes.

  • Classes indicated with “II” require 2+ FULL annual year of study in that genre or teacher approval. 
  • Classes indicated with “III” require teacher approval. 

Skills check lists will be completed by our teachers as our approval evaluation platform. Student growth is observed in class through out the year by our teachers. Students maybe be asked to progress into the next class mid year. For more information on progressive classes please click here. (Progressive Classes)

Aerial Class Leveling

For the safety and best learning environment of our aerial students, it is important that each student is placed in the correct class.  Beyond our fundamentals Ia class, our aerial teachers will use a skills checks to determine which level is right for your student. To understand the aerial class levels and skills involved click here. (Aerial Levels)

Tuition, Registration, and Refund Policies including Multi-Class Discount

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Please make all your class changes, drops, and register BEFORE the session starts. The high number of late drops, class changes, and registrations heavily impacts the dance community. It leads to shuffling waitlisted students, last minute class cancelations, and shuffling appropriate sized studios. We can maneuver such changes in a less impactful way with advance notice. We sincerely appreciate your early planning efforts. 🙂


The School of Dance will be requiring mask this fall 2021 start for the following reasons:
  • Many of our students are 12 and under and do not have the vaccine. Our teachers move through many ages groups within the same day.
  • Several of our studio rental organizations are requiring that everyone wear masks.
  • Indoor athletic activities are higher risk for the contraction of Covid.

We will reassess our situation with Covid and the Delta variant on a monthly basis and will adjust our policies accordingly if needed each month.

Spring Semester Class Offerings


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Low Enrollment Classes Maybe Canceled the 1st Week

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We offer a large number of classes for all ages. Please select your/your students age in the age filter box.

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