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Our Class listing, advanced placement information, and our dress code.

Advanced Placement

As a 501 (c) 3 non-profit private school, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of offering dance to everyone.  Inclusivity, connection, personal growth, and self-expression are a few of the foundations of all our programs.  We love lighting up our community with something for everyone.  For ground and aerial programs, to promote student growth, we offer some classes by school grade level and some by skill level determined by the teachers and executive director with skills checklists.  

Class Listing

Dress Code


  • Hair should be secured back and away from the face in all dance classes.  
  • Hair should be secured to the head in a bun or some other fashion for classes with turns.  High ponytails and braids will hinder turning and spotting ability with flying hair.
  • Hair should be in a bun for ballet class.  


Students should wear tights and leotards or leggings with a form-fitting shirt. We encourage our young students to express themselves through their attire. All dance clothing should be fitted rather than baggy and comfortable, making the student feel like a dancer!

Ballet- Students should wear tights or black leggings and a solid-colored leotard with ballet shoes. Traditional ballet attire is pink tights and a black leotard, but we encourage our students to express themselves through their attire. Fitted shorts and ballet skirts are acceptable over tights and leotards. We prefer that students do not wear shirts over their leotards, but if they do, shirts should be fitted and have solid colors. In the winter, warm fitted layers are encouraged to keep muscles warm.  

Tap-Leggings and fitted top with tap shoes.

Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Improv- Students should wear leggings and a fitted top. Check with teachers for preferred footwear.  

Aerial – Form-fitting tops that cover the underarms and bottoms that cover the backs of the knees. Clothes should not have zippers or buttons.  No jewelry.

Hip Hop – Clean sneakers and clothes that are easy to move in.

Purchasing Dancewear

Although you will find some dancewear on Amazon Smile (where .5% of every purchase is donated to SOD if you select us as your chosen charity), we also encourage you to shop with the companies that exclusively make and sell quality dancewear.
https://www.capezio.com/ https://www.danskin.com/

Helpful Information

  • If a class is full, add yourself to the waitlist.  This lets us know we need to add classes.
  • If there is low enrollment for a class, it may be canceled during the second week.
  • Use the code EARLYBIRD to receive discounts during the early registration period.
  • If you need a payment plan, or would like to opt-out of performances (technique only), please contact us at ed@dancecrestedbutte.org
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