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Youth Programming

Dance is a wonderful way for youth to experience the joy of movement and self-expression, the discipline of learning, and the connection of community.

Youth programming includes classes of various styles for students ages 3-18. At CBSOD, traditional dance classes are referred to as Ground Dance instead of Aerial Dance. We offer classes differentiated by age or ability level depending on the season. Levels are determined by students, teachers, and the Executive Director based on the evaluation of skills checklists and student self-evaluation.

Level I classes are for everyone: never-evers, beginners, advanced dancers dealing with injuries, those trying out a new style, those visiting from out of town, everyone. It is common for a dancer to repeat level I classes several times.  

Level II & III classes are for intermediate to advanced dancers who have passed the necessary skills checklists for advancing levels with the teacher. Dancers in these classes must know proper dance terminology, exhibit self discipline and focus,  and have mastered the basic technique.  

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