Nutcracker Performance

December 15th & 116th, 2022

The Crested Butte School of Dance will present the Nutcracker December 2023!

This holiday favorite will be offered in partnership with the Center for the Arts. Expect a “CB-style” Nutcracker with many different types of dance and our own unique twists. Elementary school, middle school, high school, and adult dancers will have the opportunity to perform in this production, making it a true community event. We are excited to share more Nutcracker details with you in the coming weeks!
Want to perform in the Nutcracker? Be sure to look for the classes with the word “Rehearsal” in the name. That means the class will perform a piece in the Nutcracker! See below for more information about how to register.


Presenting! December 9 &10, 2022!  A holiday performance collaboration with beloved local organizations: Crested Butte Mountain Theatre, School of Dance, and Center for the Arts!

An original show from the creative minds of Paul Edwards, Shelly Clements and many, many more!

Come for the snow, stay for the show!

Participant's Corner

Check here for information targeted to dancers, parents, choreographers, and other participants.

group of dancers
young dancer bowing
aerial dancers
three dancers
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