Vinotok Harvest Mother Celebration

September 17, 2023

CBSOD and the Crested Butte Dance Collective produce this celebration of dance as a part of the week long autumn equinox Vinotok festival which is organized by the Vinotok group.  Please reach out to KT (contact info below) to inquire about the full festival.

Mami Sayon Camara and Etienne Folno, two incredible teachers from Guinea,West Africa share their ancestral knowledge of the Kassa harvest dance and Djembe drum rhythm with us in this celebration held at the top of Elk Avenue at the Farmers’ Market from 12-1pm.


We will create the Harvest Mother Celebration, the magical offering to our Holy Mother Earth and our local Harvest Mother JESS EVANS-WALL at 12pm at the Crested Butte Farmers Market on Sunday, September 17, 2023!

The Harvest Mother Celebration is a School of Dance/Crested Butte Dance Collective offering.  CBDC is an adult program of SOD directed by KT Folz. 

If you are interested in participating as a cast member, rehearsals will take place the first 2 weeks of September, reach out to KT at 

Participant's Corner

Harvest Mother Celebration 2023 FINAL Rehearsal Schedule:

Stilt Walker Spirit Guide Rehearsals: Wednesday, Sept. 13th – 8:15pm-10:15pm- Stilt Walking only rehearsal. *Friday, Sept. 15th – 7:30pm-9:30pm- *Optional Stilt Walking only rehearsal                                                Location: PUMP ROOM, Fire Station 2nd floor, 306 Maroon Ave. Crested Butte                                                          **Please bring stilts if you have them, tennis shoes that we can drill holes into, duct tape or packing tape, and white or nude color base layers. We will be practicing our stilt walking and fitting costumes.

Kassa Harvest African Dance / Drumming Rehearsal: Saturday, Sept 16th – 4pm to 6pm- African Dance and Drum class.                                                Location: PUMP ROOM, Fire Station 2nd floor, 306 Maroon Ave. Crested Butte.                                                              **This will be a class taught by Guinean teachers, Mami and Etienne. All dancers and drummers welcome to attend. If you want to drum, best to bring your own drum if you can. Please bring base layers with earth tone colors for your costume, we will provide the outer layers. We will make masks after rehearsal ends from 8pm-10pm, so bring any special pieces of bark or foliage to glue onto your forest creature mask. 

Mandatory ALL CAST Rehearsals (2):    Location: PUMP ROOM, Fire Station 2nd floor, 306 Maroon Ave. Crested Butte                      

Saturday, Sept 16th  6pm to 8pm- ALL CAST Rehearsal  **All cast rehearsal with African dancers, drummers, belly dancers, stilt walkers, support cast, and Harvest Mother.
**After rehearsal ends, we can stay from 8pm-10pm to make forest creature masks and fit costumes.      

Sunday, Sept 17th 9am to 2pm- ALL CAST Rehearsal/Performance/Clean Up                                           **All cast rehearsal starts at 9am, Farmer’s Market production starts at noon, production ends at 1pm, then clean up in the Pump Room until 2pm. Please plan on arriving right at 9am so that you have enough time to get into costume and be ready for the dress rehearsal. Also, please plan on helping clean up after the event. 

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