TOOLBOX Training

Join Crested Butte School of Dance for SEL Training in The TOOLBOX Project

Saturday Nov 14

4pm to 6:30pm

at the Pump Room above the CB Fire Station

or join via Zoom

Donation based orientation first hour only (4pm to 5pm) for those who want to learn more.
Full TOOLBOX = $215 for full training and curricula

The TOOLBOX: a research-based, community-tested social emotional learning (SEL) program that builds and strengthens children’s inherent capacity for resilience, self-mastery, and empathy for self and others through its curricula, methods and strategies. It is an inside-out approach illuminating children’s ability to manage their own emotional, social, and academic success by giving them access to the inner tools that empower them. In turn this allows them to create a new story bringing hope for a more positive future. Anyone who works with children, has children or would like to bring more mental health resources to the Gunnison Valley will benefit from learning the simple yet effective “Tools” that exist inherently in all of us.

Orientation to the Toolbox: Meet the 12 Tools and how they can be useful for you personally and professionally. For after school teachers, parents, school teachers and any others that are open to learning about this critical and ” missing piece” in our community organizations, schools, and homes. Donation based, please RSVP to with your email so we can send you the Orientation Packet and Zoom link. Cash or check donations are accepted.

Introductory Online Toolbox Training: Are you an educator, counselor, or individual who is interested in being trained in Toolbox? In this 2.5 hour training you will have the experience of Toolbox as we explore the curriculum and additional resources through our K-6 school-based model. You will also learn how to use the Tools for yourself, and have access to purchase additional materials to enhance the efficacy of Toolbox with yourself, your students (children) and their families.

Completion of a National Toolbox Project Training will allow you the following:


  • Familiarize and begin to introduce Toolbox in your school’s classrooms
  • Implement Toolbox strategies in your professional practice
  • Order Toolbox Project Curriculum for your personal/professional use

Please note: This training does NOT endorse or provide you with adequate support to train others in how to use Toolbox.

Please RSVP to by Nov 4 with mailing address and email so we can send materials, curricula and Zoom link. Contact to arrange payment.

For more details go to


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