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INCLUSIVITY! We strive to make dance available to all.

Because of our Sponsors, the School of Dance can provide scholarships and programs such as Move the Butte and Wellness In Motion.  These funds also support teaching assistants in the classroom when we have students with unique mental, physical, or emotional needs.  We offer our annual Sponsors public recognition at all events and tiered benefits packages such as tickets with preferred seating, private dance lessons, and much more for a fully calendar year….

Preferred!  Donate to us via Venmo (no merchant fees) @CBSchoolofDance

We accept checks

PO Box 506

Crested Butte, CO 81224

If you do not have Venmo you can donate via PayPal (merchant fees apply):

Questions? Contact nicole@dancecrestedbutte.org


Action Learning Associates ♦ Acupuncture by Guy Ciula at Alpine Orthopedics ♦ Black Tie Ski Rentals ♦ The Huresky Family ♦ Gas Cafe ♦ Law of the Rockies ♦ Majestic Theater ♦ Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions ♦ Pinnacle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine ♦ Rooted Apothecary ♦ Ro Sham Bo ♦ SOMA (sponsor of MTB) ♦ Sprout Studio ♦ Synergy Athlete ♦ Frank & Mary Mujica ♦ Gabriella Garcia ♦ Townie Books & Rumors Coffee House ♦ Mountain Oven ♦ Secret Stash ♦ Patti Gast Reiki and Massage


B2 Building Science ♦ Colorado Backcountry ♦ Dan Estey ♦ Elk Mountain Lodge ♦ Rae Knoll ♦ Milky Way ♦ Faust Builders ♦ Jen Laggis Yoga ♦ PR Property Management ♦ The Crested Butte Bank ♦ Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream ♦ The Willett Family ♦ The Wynes Family ♦ The Nehrenberg Family ♦ The Stanley Family ♦ Gretchen & Bill Tunkey ♦ Louis Freese ♦ Steve & Carol Jennison ♦ Daniel J Murphy – Architect ♦ David & Sandra Leinsdorf ♦ Andrew Breibart

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