Participant/Parent Handbook

A spirit of mutual respect and consideration will be expected amongst teachers and students.

Please refer to the Parent Student Handbook for a detailed list of Studio & Performance Etiquette and Rules.

– Keep all personal belongings in the cubbies and out of the waiting area.

 Label all items, especially shoes with student’s name. Many items are expensive and look alike.

 No street shoes, gum, food or drinks are allowed in the studios and no jewelry is permitted in class, except very small earrings that do not dangle.

 Please clean up spills, trash, or crumbs from food and drink.

 Valuables should be left at home or taken into the dance room with you.

 Students are not to sit down or leave the classroom without permission.

 Please respect the School’s and fellow student’s property.

 Remember that the lobby area is not sound-proof. Please supervise visiting children and keep conversations quiet.

– We will have scheduled class observation time depending on student needs and location restrictions. In many cases family and friends are able to view classes from outside the studio during the last 10 minutes of each class.


Please be prompt in picking up dancers after class ends, so that we can ensure the safety of all students.  Please do not enter the studio without an instructor present.

The Crested Butte School of Dance is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

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