Adge Marz Lindsey Executive Director

Adge Marz Lindsey

Company, Hip Hop, Jazz

Adge Lindsey has an ever-growing love for dance that she likes to think is contagious! She has gained extensive training in styles such as jazz, lyrical, tap, African, contemporary, hip-hop and physically-integrated dance through her studies with Philadelphia Ballet, Barbara Ann’s School of Dance, The Edge Performing Arts, Camp Mabina and the AXIS Dance Company. Recently she has taken the position of Executive Director for the wonderful CB School of Dance while also continuing to instruct a variety of dance styles to several age groups and levels as she has for over 7 years now. Adge is always endeavoring to heighten her horizons in the world of movement. She co-founded a local adult dance company and has supported and developed programming for improvisation and aerial silks classes. Using these skills to develop curriculum for students with disabilities, Adge greatly enjoys teaching dance through the Adaptive Sports Center, a calling she takes most seriously. A fiery passion for dance emanates from her very soul, down her arms and legs and shines from her whole body…she loves to MOVE and always invites everyone to join her!

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