Adge Marz Lindsey

Adge Marz Lindsey


Adge Lindsey has an ever-growing love for dance that she likes to think is contagious! She has gained extensive training in styles such as jazz, lyrical, tap, African, contemporary, hip-hop and physically-integrated dance through her studies with Philadelphia Ballet, Barbara Ann’s School of Dance, The Edge Performing Arts, Camp Mabina and the AXIS Dance Company. Recently she has taken the position of Executive Director for the wonderful CB School of Dance while also continuing to instruct a variety of dance styles to several age groups and levels as she has for over 7 years now. Adge is always endeavoring to heighten her horizons in the world of movement. She co-founded a local adult dance company and has supported and developed programming for improvisation and aerial silks classes. Using these skills to develop curriculum for students with disabilities, Adge greatly enjoys teaching dance through the Adaptive Sports Center, a calling she takes most seriously. A fiery passion for dance emanates from her very soul, down her arms and legs and shines from her whole body…she loves to MOVE and always invites everyone to join her!

Bobbie Reinhardt


Bobbie Reinhardt served as the Executive Director of and has taught for the Crested Butte School of Dance for over 30 years. She co-founded the school with Heidi Frazier in 1982. Bobbie graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in History and Music. Bobbie also taught Music and Dance at the Crested Butte Community School grades K – 5, for 20 years when she retired to devote her time to the School of Dance. She teaches and ballet, tap and creative movement to students ages 3 ½ – 2nd grade 2 and continues to participate in the school’s jazz and tap classes as a dancer. Bobbie also initiated a creative dance and music program at the local nursery schools and continues to pursue that passion. Bobbie raised two sons in Crested Butte and now has two young grandchildren who keep her going.

Jesse Buchanan


Jesse Lynn Buchanan has been dancing for over 15 years and still loves every class! Her training began in Clinton, Iowa at the Carousel School of Dance. While in school she was a part of Design Tap Company and also rose up to the rank of Principal dancer in the Gateway Contemporary Ballet Company.

After college Jesse danced with the Charleston Ballet in Charleston, South Carolina. From there she switched to Theatre and worked at Trumpet In The Land Theatre in New Philadelphia, Ohio. After performing Jesse decided that her heart was in teaching. She has taught ballet, pointe, variations, tap, musical theatre and advanced Horton in Illinois, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio and Florida. Jesse is still a continuing student of dance herself and will take class forever.

Sasha Chudacoff


With a lifetime of training in dance disciplines – Modern, Jazz, Ballet, West African, Hip hop and Improvisational Dance, in combination with child development studies, Sasha brings a strong background of experience to the Crested Butte School of Dance! Sasha is influenced by BrainDance- a philosophy in dance education that develops dance skills, brain/body connection, social/ emotional growth and creative expression. Her recent inspiration has been teaching physically integrated dance to children with and with out special needs. Her dance involvement includes teaching in the Berkeley Public School district, Luna Kids Dance, Hipline Dance Studio, AXIS Dance Company, Celebrate the Beat, Adaptive Sports and studying and performing butoh improvisational dance. Sasha is an M.A. candidate in Somatic Counseling Psychology/Dance Movement Therapy at Naropa University. She gives thanks to her butoh teachers for re-framing what dance is: Diego Pinon and Shinichi Iova-Koga. A transplant from from the bay area to the Gunnison Valley, she now enjoys teaching with the amazing dance community of CB School of Dance and the CB Dance Collective!


Sophia Chudacoff




Sophia aims to create an investigatory learning environment to nurture curiosity and sensitivity to the mind-body connection. Her teaching is influenced by The Axis Syllabus, a repository of bio-mechanical and kinetic information. She has studied many different forms of dance and music from around the world, which continue to inform her knowledge of human movement and pedagogy. She teaches Pilates, Dance and Functional Movement to all ages.


Moriah Ernst



Moriah grew up in Pennsylvania and started dancing at the age of 3. She grew up dancing at Miss Jeanne’s School of Dance. Once Moriah realized her passion of dance she also began taking classes at the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Moriah grew up with training in ballet, jazz, musical theater, lyrical and modern. Moriah began competing at the age of ten and competed until she was 18, competing on numerous teams and also competing with solo pieces. Moriah continued to dance into college but became injured during her sophomore year and had to stop dancing. Moriah is loving being back dancing and so excited to be able to teach such an amazing community!

Hailey Loeffler


Hailey Loeffler began dancing with the Crested Butte School of Dance at the age of four. Taking classes eventually led to teaching during high school, where her passion for choreography and dance continued to grow. After a brief stint in California, Hailey returned to teach dance and continue her college education at Western State Colorado University. She enjoys teaching tap, hip hop, and belly dancing to a variety of ages.


Stephanie Marziano




Stephanie began dancing at the age of two at a small studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Through the earliest years of her dance education, Stephanie studied ballet, tap, and jazz. At the age of 13, she enrolled at the Rock School of the Pennsylvania ballet. It was there that she refined her ballet technique while also furthering her understanding of classic jazz and a form of tap called “hoofing”. Between training with the Pennsylvania ballet, Stephanie took summer intensives to expand her dance repertoire. While in nursing school at Drexel University, Stephanie took a course called “Choreography Composition” where she learned the art of choreography and dance improvisation. She has performed and choreographed for Move the Butte and performed in several fall productions with the CB Dance Collective, has taught and subbed classes as well as performed for the CB School of Dance, and has taken as many classes as possible with both entities, including lyrical, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary ballet, and African. Stephanie believes in the power of movement and creative self-expression as a form of healing and is thrilled for the opportunity to share her passion for dance with her beautiful community!

Corinne McKeever


Corinne holds her BFA in Dance Performance from The Ohio State University and studied for two years at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia majoring in dance as well the Laban Dance Centre in London. After graduating college, she resided in Brooklyn, NY for 11 years. She studied with and performed choreography by Diane McCarthy, Bebe Miller, Carol Nolte Dance Collective and Jana Hicks and has performed at the Joyce Soho, City Center Studio, Alvin Ailey Theater, The Harkness Center and the Merce Cunningham Studio Theater. Her joy of teaching evolved earlier on in her career teaching children’s dance at Peridance Capezio Center, Mulberry Street Theater and the Berest Dance Center. Corinne’s movement background and training is rooted in modern, ballet, jazz and tap. Corinne moved to Crested Butte in 2014 with her family and is thrilled to be part of this beautiful thriving dance community nestled in the mountains.




Carie Mitchell


After watching an aerial act at the Dance Collective’s fall show in 2013, Carie fell in love with the art of aerial dance. Shortly after this performance, she signed up for her first aerial dance class with the Dance Collective and started exploring movement in the air. Carie has studied lyra, aerial silks, aerial sling, trapeze, and rope, focusing on lyra and aerial silks.  She has attended the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder and trained under the Frequent Flyers, Ana Prada, and Tanya Burka. She has also attended many workshops by leaders in the aerial dance community. In the summer of 2017, Carie attended The Born to Fly teacher program and is working towards her certification in Fabric 1. She has performed at several Move the Buttes and a CB Dance Collective fall show. This year she choreographed her first performance for Move the Butte. She is excited to be a part of the CB Dance Collective and a teacher for the School of Dance.



Amber St. Vincent




Amber began dancing at the age of three and ever since then her love and passion for dance has only grown. She started with tap, jazz and ballet and her studies have since broadened to include pointe, contemporary, lyrical and aerial. In high school she also began teaching tap, ballet and jazz. Since moving to Crested Butte she has been dancing with the Crested Butte School of Dance and the Crested Butte Dance Collective. Last year she also co-choreographed a tap dance for Move the Butte. She is excited to start teaching at the SOD and looks forward to not only what she can teach but also what she can continue to learn.


Kate Wallace


Kathryn Brook Wallace was born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on July 24, 1998. Raised in a Christian home, attending the school her parents established, Doulos Discovery School.  Moving to Tyler, Texas as a freshman in High School is where she started her dance journey with TJC Dance Academy. After spending two weeks in Cuba and four weeks with Ballet Austin summer intensive, she decided to pursue dance as a profession.

During her last year in High School she began her search for a promising dance program in colleges and dance companies around the nation.  Have being rejected and accepted to several, it came down to the choice of price. Kathryn had to choose whether to sacrifice being in debt and graduate with a Bachelors degree in dance or experience. She then took a chance and auditioned for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York City in 2016. Two weeks went by and received the news of being accepted into the independent and certificate program. A month later Kathryn moved to New York City and began her 3 year training with one of the most respected modern dance companies in the nation, Alvin Ailey.