Class Descriptions

Parent Toddler Dance

This is a great opportunity for dancers to try a creative dance class with no performance commitment plus a special time to dance with their parents/caregivers. Body basics, Braindance and movement fundamentals lead us on a dance adventure that builds movement skills, self-esteem, social/emotional growth and love of dance. Parents are encouraged to dance with us!

Creative Dance Classes Ages 3 – 5

The first six weeks of the dance school program (Fall Session) in these classes students will learn some of the technical foundations of dance and will practice simple movement patterns, use basic ballet terminology, play dance games and dramatic games, all while fostering a love of movement. Tap will be taught in the November – May sessions. Students are encouraged to take this session to focus on these very important elements in the art of dance.  All dancers must be exactly 3 years of age by the first day of class to begin class at the Crested Butte School of Dance. No exceptions will be made.

 Ballet and Tap for Level Pre-K (ages 4 – 5) and Levels K, 1 and 2

Levels Pre -K (ages 4 – 5) and Level K: Movement games and activities will continue to be part of each lesson (see Creative Dance description above). Ballet and tap technique will be more of the main core of the class including center barre work, beginning tap steps and rhythms.   Level Pre – K will not perform tap in the show.

Levels 1 and 2 Ballet/Tap: Ballet and tap technique will be the main core of the class including center barre work, intricate tap steps and rhythms.  Movement games and activities will continue to be part of each lesson until choreography for the May show becomes the focus of the class.


Ballet/Jazz Level 3-4:  The next step for children in their dance education, reinforcing the basic concepts learned in previous ballet & jazz classes and gradually ensures that students develop their muscles correctly and do not force turnout.  Moving in time with music, as well as memorization of basic ballet and jazz terminology.  Class begins with a basic ballet barre, then moves to center work and with both ballet and jazz combinations and choreography.

Ballet/Jazz Level 5:  A continuation of study in the ballet/jazz genre’, this class is designed to focus more on an advanced-beginner level technique.  Students should become more independent in their musicality, and technique.  Students will also broaden their knowledge of ballet/jazz terminology and movement.  Similar to the level 3-4 Ballet/Jazz class, class will begin with a more in-depth ballet barre.  This class will also introduce center floor work combinations to strengthen and stretch pertinent muscle groups specific to dance to prevent injury. Center work will be done every other week.  After barre, class moves to a combination of ballet and jazz center work, combinations and choreography.

Ballet and Pointe

Ballet Level 6-7: An intermediate level class that solely focuses on ballet technique and performance. Students in this class will move into the traditional ballet class format with a full ballet barre followed by center work.  Students will be introduced to performance quality movement, while correct placement and turnout will continue to be emphasized.  This class will also prepare and strengthen muscles for pointe class to come in the following years of their ballet training.

Ballet Level 8-Adult:  This is an advanced level ballet class for Teen and Adults alike.  Previous ballet training is required. Ballet 8 helps each student create the firm foundation needed to maintain and progress muscular strength that is critical for the next level and pointe work. Core body strength, arms (port de bras) and correct turn out based on a student’s anatomy and muscular development are emphasized at the barre. Center work is focused on the basics of adagio (slow controlled combination), pirouettes, more advanced turns across the floor, petit allégro and grand allégro.  Musicality and Performance quality are emphasized as students are exposed to a variety of both classical and contemporary composers.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe:  A beginning level pointe class, for the level 6-adult ballet students.  This class will introduce the basics of pointe work and strength.  Class will begin with a basic barre to strengthen feet, ankles and core. Once students become strong enough to move away from the barre, class will move to basic center work, combinations and choreography.  Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength and physical development, not by their age.

2017-2018  Season: We are running the grades 8+ ballet/pointe training class one day per week through the Winter Session (continuing from fall), as pointe training needs to remain consistent. These students will not perform in the February Show for this class. *We are suggesting these dedicated ballerinas use a pair of pre-pointe training shoes this fall and winter session.

In the spring session, the grades 8+ ballet/pointe training class will be 2 days per week with the students who are prepared for pointe moving into their pointe shoes. This class will then have 2 (1 ballet and 1 pointe) exhibitions for the May Showcase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do to be on pointe?
Take the prepointe and conditioning class.

How long do I have to take prepointe and conditioning before I go on pointe?
Every dancers body is different. It depends on the strength of your feet, legs,and core ALONG with strong ballet technique.

Once I’m in pointe is that the only ballet class I have to take?
NO, you have to continue with at least 1 ballet technique class and we strongly recommend continuing prepointe and conditioning.


Jazz Level 6-7: An intermediate class that delves into the basics of jazz technique and brings it to a new level within their own scope of movement. Students will have the opportunity to explore a vast variety of styles such as classical, funk, theatre, lyrical, and more! Warm-up will involve technique exercises, cardio work, learning terminology as well as a mix between slow, controlled movement and fun, up-beat dancing. Choreography will be built upon all learned technique, current trends and student interest and expression.

Jazz Level 8-Adult: An advanced level class that aims to provide a unique experience for teens and adults to explore jazz movement, technique and terminology.  Warm-up will focus on bringing technical ability to a higher level as well as strengthening muscles, body memory and self-expression through dance. For the first 6 weeks, lyrical movement will be the main focus with specific attention on musicality and flow. The class will also delve into various other styles such as funk, theatre, classical, etc. Choreography will grow out of all technique training as well as student preference and expression.

Jazz Adult Beg/Int.: A super fun way to stay in shape and learn a lot about a variety of styles within the realm of jazz dance.  Class will focus on appropriate technique and body control while also providing a cardio workout through exciting dance movement.  Small combinations aim to enhance body memory, technique and expression. Adults will be given a choice around performing.

Old Skool Jazz: Strengthen your jazz technique in this blast from the past class! Explore the funky nature of jazz dance and refine skills in leaping and turning, solid position placement and of course using sass and energy…while dancing to Janet Jackson and the like!

African Jazz: This upbeat class will fuse African groove with jazz technique for a fun, funky experience. Rhythms will rage with drums and we will shake it to the beat!

Jazz Funk: This class will fuse elements of hip-hop and jazz and even some character flair. These genres share a unique technique base that prepares the body to rock, groove, and do some tricks. We will explore the safety, methodology and fun around learning how to move with some funk!

Modern Fusion

Explore the many faces of modern dance. Lit with a fusion of techniques – modern, ballet, contemporary, jazz – this class will strengthen a plethora of skill sets as the modern scope takes you “outside the movement box.”


Level 8-Adult: An advanced class for students with previous dance experience. In each class dancers will have the opportunity to explore the traditional framework of ballet and jazz from a new perspective. Each class will include a warm up, technique and a combination. Emphasis will be placed on developing efficient alignment, increasing strength and flexibility, broadening the range of movement qualities, exploring new vocabularies and phrasing styles, and encouraging individual investigation and embodiment of movement material.

Hip-Hop / Poppin’ & Lockin’

Hip-Hop Levels K-2: This class provides young children with unique tools for the exploration of dance! With a focus on body awareness, self-expression and musicality, hip-hop brings each student to a personal level of comfort and ability. Choreography will branch from technique to improv, allowing freedom of movement and choice within hip-hop boundaries.

Hip-Hop Levels 3-5: A class that focuses on the various genres within the hip-hop world, allowing students to groove, bop, and get funky. Drawing also from jazz-based technique, students will learn appropriate body control and measures of safety that support their goals toward excelling in hip-hop movement and improv.

Hip-Hop Levels 6-Adult: A more advanced approach in studying the many genres existing within the realm of hip-hop. With a focus on core strengthening as well as technique and musicality, students will explore specific combinations as well as their own expression of hip-hop movement. Rhythm, performance, and technical skills will be enhanced through a fun, up-beat dancing experience.


All Levels: You will be making music with your feet! Technique and rhythm come together to allow you to get funky! By exploring the basics involved in tap practices as well as unique rhythms and brain teasers, students will grow toward making clear sounds and simply dancing. This class will certainly be a mix between standard methodology and creative rhythmic journeys!

Theatre Tap: Theatre tap is rooted in Broadway dances and dance styles of the 20’s-40’s with dynamic arm movements and razzmatazz/cheese. 42nd Street, Anything Goes, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Annie are all great examples of theatre tap.

Belly Dance

All levels: A beginning /intermediate level belly dance class for teenagers, based on belly dance styles from around the world.  This class will focus on basic belly dance technique, combinations and choreography.

Introduction to Butoh Dance

Butoh, often translated as the “dance of darkness,”  is an avant-garde performance art form which originated in Japan in the 1950’s. We will work with energetics, elements of Noguchi gymnastics, and guided imagery to offer/discover connection to deeper self through dance. This class supports students to connect to their “own unique dance.” Find your artistic voice while developing improvisation and performance skills. All levels are welcome. It’s wildly fun! Come play!


Lyrical class combines elements of jazz, ballet and contemporary. Dancers will explore a realm of musicality and movement that relates specifically to song content and the wave/feel of lyrics as well as rhythm. It is an intricate, technical, dynamic and emotional form of expression.

Musical Theatre

Elements of Broadway jazz, a bit of character and basic ballet come together to create a fun expressive dance environment.  We will boogey to some famous tunes from wonderful theatre productions of all kinds. Find your inner flashy dancer self and have a blast!

Elements of Dance

This exploratory class will deconstruct ideas around choreographic methods in a fun, playful way.  Students will learn how movement  translation opens our bodies and minds to a whole new level of dance understanding. Through direct instruction, some improvisation and some prompted choreographic exercises, everyone will compose, learn and explore choreography in a way that will serve them as a dancer forever.

World Rhythms

How can rhythm help our children learn safe methods for jumping, turning, dancing and falling? Borrowing from techniques based in African and Folk Dance, we will learn how rhythm and movement relate to each other to develop healthy fun ways of moving. In this dance class, we will look at the common language music and dance share, building both coordination and listening skills. This class offers opportunities to share in the joy of dance, enhance creative expression and foster a love of movement. Come prepared to sweat and move!


A mix of classic ballet, Pilates and Yoga postures will stretch, tone and strengthen the entire body. Intermittent plyometric circuits keep the heart rate elevated, so be prepared to burn a few calories while at the barre. This workout is perfect for athletes looking to strengthen the core and legs before ski season. No prior dance experience needed. Expect pop music—Madonna haters beware—and a killer workout to start your day off right! Special socks aren’t necessary, bare feet and yoga mats are welcome.


Contact improvisation and partnering: learn to fly and weight share with the help of a friend! This class explores off balance weight exchange, acro partnering skills, lifts and improvised partnering and connection. Learn movements/tricks that can only be performed by a pair of dancers rather then a solo dancer. Experiment with being airborne in a safe learning environment. All welcome, no partner necessary.

Contact Improv

Contact improvisation is a dance technique in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. Be guided through finding your own authentic movement. This is one of the best-known and most characteristic forms of postmodern dance.

 Aerial~ in Collaboration with the Crested Butte Dance Collective

Kids Aerial Dance: This class will allow your child to explore aerial circus skills using specific body movement for children. Lesson plans will allow room for creativity and imagination while simultaneously working on hand-eye coordination, balance and motor skills. This class will make exercise fun and promote self-esteem. Students will learn basic aerial language, simple tricks, climbs and even a routine.

Teen Aerial Dance: Learn how to twirl, fly, climb, and do tricks on the aerial lyra and silks while improving balance and core strength. Lesson plans will allow room for creativity and imagination while working on the foundations for both apparatus, vocabulary, and injury prevention. Classes begin with basic conditioning and move into the air, making exercise fun.

Adult Intro to Aerial Dance: You’ve seen the CB Dance Collective perform amazing aerial dance over the last few years and thought, “I wish I could do that.” Well now you can! Learn how to twirl, fly, climb, and do tricks on the aerial lyra and aerial fabric while increasing strength and balance. The class will focus on foundations for both apparatus and injury prevention and is suited for never-evers and beginners.

Adult Fabric Level 3: Students will refine their aerial fabric skills (also known as aerial silks or aerial tissue) while working on choreography, transitions, and new movements. Proper technique, terminology, and injury prevention will be emphasized while maneuvering gracefully through the air higher off of the ground. Students must have taken an entire CBDC Level 2 Fabric session in the past 6 months or receive prior approval.

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