Summer Session is June 15th to August 7th

Registration is open to locals only until further notice

Registration options include full summer session or individual date selection sign-up. Please note due to COVID-19 classes sizes are limited to 9 students until further notice so early registration is recommended. Please do add yourself to the waitlist so we know to try to add an additional class.
Due to COVID-19 we are not requiring full payment for full summer session enrollment.  We are asking for a 10% deposit at registration to hold your spot.  Full payment is required for individual date sign-up.  Full refunds will be given if closures are required delaying our June reopening.

Tuition, Registration, & Refund Policies


Coming Prepared:

  • Wearing a mask to class is required, no exceptions. Double layered material masks are required.

  • Once dancers have arrived to their marked dance square in the studio, mask maybe removed and are recommended only.

  • Bring ONLY your own water bottle and dance shoes to class.  Wear your dance clothes to class.  The office, kitchen, and dressing room areas will be locked off.  Backpacks, bags, changing cloths, etc will not be allowed to enter the building.


Drop-off Procedures:

  • To respect our fire fighters and their critical duty, everyone will enter and exit from the backdoor of the fire station building.

  • Parents, due to the limit of 10 person group sizes, you must drop-off you student and wait in your car until they are admitted into the building. We will have 9 students and 1 teacher waiting for the previous class to exit.  If you wait with your student you will exceed the max group size.

  • Max 10 people are allowed in the building at a time.  This means parents cannot enter the building at any time with our 9 students and teacher.  And parents must wait in their car for pick-up to ensure pick-up group size is less than 10 outside the building.



  • All students will wait in the parking lot behind the fire station building, behind Teocali Tamale, until the teacher OKs entry into the building once all previous students have exited and sanitizing has occurred.

  • All students will be required to use hand sanitizer upon both entry and exit. 

  • All students will have their touch free temperature taken and complete a verbal acknowledgement that they do not feel ill and are not experiencing the following symptoms before entering the building; headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, cough, recent inability to taste/smell, shortness of breath, ear aches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, abdominal pain. And their temperature will be taken with a touch free thermometer.  If they have a fever or cannot acknowledge this level of health, they will not be allowed to enter the building.

  • By entering the studio you acknowledge and accept there’s an increased risk associated with being in  public places and businesses, such as our studios, and contracting COVID-19.



  • Classes will be 20 mins apart to accommodate sanitizing all surfaces after each class.

  • Only 1 student will be allowed in the bathroom at a time.

  • The studio floor will have markings to keep dancers 6ft apart.

  • The Pump Room will be deep cleaned twice weekly.



Youth Summer Class & Dance Day Offerings

3-5 Years Old Dance PARTY Days! – Tues/Wed/Thurs 9-12
Grade K-2 FULL DAY Mindful Movement Dance Days- Mondays 9-330
Grade 3-5 Lyrical- Tuesday 340-440
Grade 3-5 Jazz- Wednesday 340-440
Grade 3-5 Ballet- Thursday 340-440
Grade 3-5 Street Dance- Monday 500-600
Middle School Street Dance- Wednesday 500-600pm
Middle School Ballet- Monday 1100-1230
Middle School Ballet Variations (must take ballet)- Monday 1235-135
Middle School Jazz- Thursday 1150-1250
Middle School Lyrical- Thursday 110-210
Middle & High School Pre Pointe Conditioning- Monday 1000-1040
Middle & High School Dance Composition/Elements of Dance- Wed 620-720
Middle & High School Dance History & Movement- Tuesday 1030-1130
Middle & High School Modern Technique – Tuesday 1150-120
Middle & High School Stretching for Dancers- Wednesday 900-1000
Middle & High School Anatomy & Kinesiology- Wednesday 1020-1120
Middle & High School Dance Conditioning & Cross Training- Thurs 1030- 1130
High School Belly Dance/SEEDS- Monday 620-750
High School Ballet- Tuesday 500-630
High School Ballet Variations (must take ballet)- Tuesday 635-735
High School Jazz- Thursday 620-720
High School Lyrical- Thursday 500-600
High School Contemporary- Friday 1000-1100
High School Street Dance- Friday 1120-1220
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