Mtn Movers

CBSOD Dancers Who Move Mountains!

Our program for serious dancers, providing access to competions and conventions.

At the Crested Butte School of Dance, we teach our students to move in the studio and to move through life.  Mountain Movers is an enrichment program that offers students access to conventions and competitions in Denver and beyond to enhance their local dance training.  Mountain Movers Company values include:  upholding the SOD mission (below), commitment and dedication, rigorous dance training, self-care, community engagement, inclusion, creative voice, and art practices.  MM Company dancers travel at minimum twice a year, perform at the Steddy Theater at minimum twice a year, perform competition repertoire locally, perform at community events, and have a strong voice in the culture of CBSOD.  Mountain Movers is for dancers in 6th grade and up.

Company members are held to a high standard, and full participation and enthusiasm are expected and nurtured.

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CBSOD Mission

The mission of the Crested Butte School of Dance is to deepen the connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the world around us through dance. We are a community-based, educational organization dedicated to fostering creativity, self-expression and personal growth to people of all ages through professional dance instruction and performance opportunity.

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