Board of Directors

Committed to tradition and excellence

Shannon Mujica

“I serve on the board because the School of Dance is my heart. Dance taught me discipline, integrity & teamwork. Dance taught me to work hard in all that I do, to strive to be my best, to be present in the moment, that if I fail I get back up and try again, it taught me perseverance and gave me a sense of self that no other outlet has. I serve on the board because the School of Dance promotes all of these qualities to every age and capability. Through serving on the board I am able to make a difference in my community and hold space for the one thing we’re all born with and should celebrate daily, movement.”

Kristin Engel
Vice President



Kimberly Dunn




Alice Jennison
Board Member



Bart Laemmel
Board Member



Zack Gustafson
Board Member



Jen Laggis
Board Member



“It is AMAZING how the Crested Butte School of Dance has grown in our small community over the past 5 years!  The level of dance showcased at the performances is so technical. It is amazing the professional staff of teachers we have sharing their passion.   DANCE is a alive in our small community!  It is infectious!” ~ Board Member