Hip Hop Crew

Poppin & Lockin

2019-2020 Hip Hop Crew

We will not offer Hip Hop Crew Auditions for the 2019-2020 Season

Please sign up for hip hop classes and aerial classes for your age and skill level.

Company Mission & Goals

Our mission remains the same we are just kicking it up a notch… The Mission of the Dance Company & Hip Hop Team is to provide exceptional dance training, performance opportunity and team building skills to a small group of dedicated dancers. By attending weekly technique classes and group rehearsals, local master classes, traveling to workshops and community performances, each member will be pushed to grow as an individual dancer as well as a team. The goal is to enhance confidence, technique, discipline, rhythm, self-esteem and passion through the art of dance.

• Company members are held to a high standard in terms of commitment, attitude and dedication within the dance program. Full participation and enthusiasm is expected and nurtured. Be ready to give it your all!

• A focus on community outreach is part of this year’s growth. We will be looking for more ways to share our dance with our community!

• Fundraising will be necessary to reach bigger goals such as out-of-town workshops and competitions

• Uphold positive report with CB community as ambassadors of the dance school and dance company

Just Some Perks:

  • Individualized dance training/education
  • A focus on self-growth and creativity
  • Community service opportunity – gift the valley with your talents!
  • “Specials” in SOD performance (solos, duos, self-choreo, etc.)…and more!!!!

Application Form

Hip Hop Team 2018-2019

Yes! The Hip Hop Team is Here for Year #2 !

Expectations of ALL Team dancers:

Expectations of dancers:

  • Schedule: Dancers will attend hip-hop at their regularly scheduled class times during the fall, winter and spring sessions. Then a minimum of 1 team practice weekly.
  • Performance: Extra [challenging] Hip-hop dance in Winter and Spring shows, we might have a fall option for performance this year too!
  • An extra team choreography session is mandatory weekly, beginning winter session. This class is for team members only.
  • Additional [optional] practices may be scheduled for collaboration with Company dancers for extra choreography.
  • The team will perform in both the February and May showcases.
  • No unexcused absences. 1 excused absence permitted/semester.  Dancers are responsible to learn missed choreography before the next practice
  • Uphold positive report with CB Community as ambassadors of the Dance School and Dance Company.


Goals for 2017-18 season:

  • Open to travel for workshops outside of SOD
  • More performance/training opportunities throughout the school year  
  • Foster student self-choreography and exhibition
  • Make available some student teaching opportunities for team members
  • Attend professional dance performances (field trips !) when possible
  • Fundraising ! We need more parent involvement and help

 We invite you to be dedicated, inspired, challenged, and ready to grow!

Please contact Adge Lindsey for more information