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Company Mission & Goals

The Mission of the Dance Company is to provide exceptional dance training, performance opportunity and team building skills to a small group of dedicated dancers. By attending weekly technique classes and group rehearsals, local master classes, traveling to workshops and community performances, each member will be pushed to grow as an individual dancer as well as a team. A focus on community outreach is part of this growth. We will be looking for more ways to share our dance with our community! The goal is to enhance confidence, technique, discipline, rhythm, self-esteem and passion through the art of dance.

Company members are held to a high standard in terms of commitment, attitude and dedication within the dance program. Full participation and enthusiasm is expected and nurtured. Be ready to give it your all!

Mountain Rhythm Company (MR)
Is for our 6th-8th grade dancers

Mountain Rhythm ELITE Company (MRE)
Is for our 9th-12th grade dancers


Mountain Rhythm (6th to 8th Grade) May 22nd 2021 10am-12pm @ the Pump Room

Mountain Rhythm (9th to 12th Grade) May 21st 2021 4pm-6pm @ the Pump Room

Auditions will include ballet, jazz, and lyrical components. Three judges will have a rubric to score each dancer (rubrics are available to dancers before auditions) and totals will be averaged to a final score.

Dancers must receive a score of 70 or higher to be placed on Mountain Rhythm Company (6th-8th) or a score of 75 or higher to be placed on Mountain Rhythm Elite Company (9th-12th). Every dancer will wear black leotard, pink tights, hair slicked back in a bun, and no jewelry.

Please register online for Company auditions through your account (click here). Choosing:

  1. “Register for Classes” Icon, then
  2. “Auditions & Workshops” tab

You can create a new account if you do not already have an account with us.

Company Perks:

  • 1-2+ extra classes each session
  • Highlighted roles in the December holiday production
  • Assistant teaching opportunities
  • Travel to a dance convention(s)
  • Senior Solos in spring performance
  • Optional Big Dancer/Little Dancer program
  • Individualized dance training/education
  • A focus on self-growth and creativity
  • More performance/training opportunities throughout the school year  
  • Foster student self-choreography and exhibition
  • Attend professional dance performances (field trips!)
  • Community service opportunity – gift the valley with your talents!
  • “Specials” in SOD performance (solos, duos, self-choreography, etc.)…and more!!!!


Company Fees:

Extra fees are added to company dancers’ accounts throughout the year and vary from year to year based on performance and traveling/visiting workshop and competition opportunities.  These fees include add-on rehearsal fees, traveling and visiting workshop fees, extra costume fees, required company gear fees, and administration fees to help cover the related management costs.

Expectations of ALL Company Dancers:

  • Class and rehearsal requirements:
    • Summer – enroll in, at least 16 individual classes  (8 ballet and 8 of any genre).
    • Fall & Spring Semesters – enroll in, at least 3 semester classes (1 must be ballet if available)
    • Must attend all Company rehearsals. Company practices may be held before school and/or on the weekends.
    • Company dancers are expected to take all Company level classes offered to them. We highly encourage taking non-company classes too! It’s fun to dance with your peers in a more relaxed setting.
    • No unexcused absences. 2 excused absence permitted/semester (2 lates, 5 min or more, equals 1 absence).  Dancers are responsible to learn missed choreography before the next practice or dancers may be left out of missed choreography.
  • Attend at least 1 travel competition/convention (mandatory for MRE, highly encouraged for MR).
  • Attend at least 1 visiting master class/workshop (mandatory for MRE and MR).
  • Participate in as many performance opportunities as possible .
  • Participate in a team-building fundraiser activity. Proceeds will directly help cover the costs of visiting master classes and workshops.
  • Company Captains hold leadership roles amongst company, help with warm ups, organize a fundraiser, and help facilitate special events and team bonding activities for the company.
  • Purchase 1 Company gear item their first year of Company. Dancers who are returning to company can continue to wear their gear from previous years unless we get a new design or item that the whole company should have.
  • Uphold positive report with CB community as ambassadors of the school of dance and dance Company
  • Keep a positive attitude about their classes, other students’ classes, and other students. No class is more important or better than any other class. Your words have lasting effects on students negative or positive.
  • Dancers interested in teaching opportunities, attend training and assist a senior teacher with a scheduled class.

We invite you to be dedicated, inspired, challenged, and ready to grow!

Contact our Special Programs Manager, Ashley Jackson, for more information

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