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Our Programming

Whether you are new to dance or have been shakin’ it for a while, the SOD has a class just for you! Look for another full offering of classes and amazing performances this coming winter and spring.  Grade 6 to Adult will have a Winter Session and performance in December, and a Spring Session to follow with performances in April. PreK to Grade 5, will continue with the combined Winter/Spring Session and perform in April.

New Performance Season Schedule


Wednesday, August 28th MANDATORY PARENT MEETING for anyone with a dancer interested in classes with the SOD, ages PreK-Adult!
We would like to connect with our wonderful dance community and explain our new and improved system for student sign up, placement and season schedule. This will be for parent(s) only and you may ask questions at this time! Only one parent need attend this meeting.

Dance Program Pre-K to Grade 5:  2 sessions

The Fall Session: September 9 – October 11  

Dancers from ages 3 ½ through 11 get the chance to explore a variety of classes in this fall 6-week start-up session. These classes are not performance based, rather, an opportunity for children to take dance classes that are not offered throughout the rest of the dance year. If a dancer does wish to participate in the Nutcracker winter show, there are classes that are mandatory in this fall session. Otherwise, this fun, drop-in friendly dance run aims to give everyone a chance to try on different genres and teaching styles for a shorter span of time as it is only 6 weeks.


  • Classes OPEN to all Grade 4 & 5 students, with the OPTION to participate in the Nutcracker. If a Grade 4-5 student is participating in the Nutcracker production, they must:
    • Enroll in the weekly ballet or hip-hop appropriate to them beginning September 9
    • Enroll in the weekly ballet / hip-hop appropriate to them in the Performance Session beginning October 21
    • After October break, additional Nutcracker rehearsals will be scheduled for Grade 4,5 students. These dancers will perform with the older dancers on stage!

Performance Session: October 21 – April 4

~ Pre-K – Grade 5 Performance:  April 2-4

Our Pre-K through Grade 5 program will run its usual schedule through winter and spring and will culminate in our amazing spring shows – in April this season! Students will enroll and take classes beginning right after October break and their schedule will stay the same until the spring. Classes are held one day per week and recognize the same breaks as the Community School calendar. During this programming stretch, students work toward gaining more technical skills, team building, self-esteem and personal growth.

Dance Program Grades 6 – 12:  2 sessions

The Grades 6-adult programming will continue to be divided into two sessions and culminate in two different performances. Classes offered in the winter sessions vary from spring genres with the exception of a few classes, like ballet, which run through both sessions. We have both 1 day per week classes and 2 day per week classes offered both sessions with the option to perform in the culminating shows. There is opportunity for everyone to COME DANCE with us!

Grades 6+ Winter Performance Session – September 9 – December 20
Performance Week: December  8-15
Nutcracker Performances: December 11, 13, 14, 15
Wellness Week: December 16-20

Grades 6+Spring Performance Session – January 6 – April 17
Performance Week: April 4-11
Performances: April 8, 9, 11
Wellness Week: April 13-17

Wellness Week- Enjoy a week of reflection, journaling, yoga and more after your hard work in the show! Offerings will be held throughout the week to boost your self-care tools and celebrate the community building that dance brings! This is included in the session sign up.

New for 2019-2020 – The Rubric System

The Ballet Rubric

Grades 4-6 and the Company are placed in their ballet tracks of study, labeled I and II. 


  • Ballet placing for Grades 6+ – Sunday August 25th 4:00-5:00 pm 
  • Ballet placing for Grades 4,5 – Week of Sept 16 or 23 – (time TBD /during fall ballet class) 

We are better incorporating a way to ensure students get the best dance education possible. For grades 6+, placing students in ballet tracks begins with the start of the Winter session September 9th. For grades 4,5, the I and II tracks begin in the winter/spring session, beginning after October break. These students will attend “Open” grade 4,5 dance classes through fall session.

The specified ballet placing day for each age group will be a supportive way for students to begin their big seasons. At this time, students will receive individualized attention and get set up for their ballet tracks of study. A rubric will track where students place, goals for the season and create a path toward each dancer’s individual growth. After this placement day, students will be notified as to which track – I or II – their dancer will sign up for ballet, tap and jazz. Hip-hop will be offered within their grade level and not be signified by level. 

Adult Programming: September – April and flexible

Adult classes will span all of the time frames mentioned above. We will be offering classes one day and 2 days per week. Adults may choose to join performance and/or non-performance based classes. We understand the flexibility you adults need in your lives…we are sure to have something that fits your groove! Come dance with us and enjoy the gift of movement!

Dance Collective Fall Production: TBD

Move the Butte: February 19, 21 & 22