Carie Mitchell Dance Instructor

Carie Mitchell

After watching an aerial act at the Dance Collective’s fall show in 2013, Carie fell in love with the art of aerial dance. Shortly after this performance, she signed up for her first aerial dance class with the Dance Collective and started exploring movement in the air. Carie has studied lyra, aerial silks, aerial sling, trapeze, and rope, focusing on lyra and aerial silks.  She has attended the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder and trained under the Frequent Flyers, Ana Prada, and Tanya Burka. She has also attended many workshops by leaders in the aerial dance community. In the summer of 2017, Carie attended The Born to Fly teacher program and is working towards her certification in Fabric 1. She has performed at several Move the Buttes and a CB Dance Collective fall show. This year she choreographed her first performance for Move the Butte. She is excited to be a part of the CB Dance Collective and a teacher for the School of Dance.

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