Angela Carroll

Angela has studied African dance intensively for fifteen years. She has gone to numerous renown conferences around the nation to learn traditions from Master instructors originating from Guinea, Mali, Zimbabwe, Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Haiti and Ghana. She studied extensively in Guinea, West Africa with the incredible Youssouf Koumbassa, as well as the griot Ngom family in Senegal. She was also a premier performer and member of the Kissidugu West African Percussion and Dance Ensemble based out of Boulder, CO for eight years. She studied and worked with Master Fara Tolno during this time as well as Djeneba Sako and Onye Ozuzu.  Training under the tutelage of Fara, she learned in depth the dance, culture and rhythms of Guinea; learning choreography from the famous Les Merveilles ballet of Guinea. Angela has taken a wide variety of classes and her personal love of dance and combines this with her extensive African Dance training to bring a fun fusion of movement that is accessible and engaging for all levels of dancers. She is a long time teacher and educator, and has worked with and taught children and adults of all ages in a variety of programs over the last twenty years. She is excited to share a blend of African dance and rhythm with the Crested Butte community!

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