Alexa Midgley
InstructorBelly Dance

Lexi Midgley aspires to change the way we think and feel about our bodies through the power of belly dance. In her high school years, she participated in a program devoted to the betterment of young women’s self esteem called SEEDS (Self-Esteem, Education and Empowerment through Dance).  This metamorphic program changed her life and inspired her to spread her newfound knowledge of the transformative and healing powers of dance. However, she took a dance hiatus to obtain her Design Degree at Northern Arizona University and pursued her dream as a costume designer for theatre productions. After receiving a call from fate, she moved to Santa Fe to study American Tribal Style Belly Dance under belly dance extraordinaire, Myra Krien. For the last two years, she has been a member of Myra’s Ahatti Dance Troupe and The Almaaz Assahara Troupe. Lexi has been training and performing in the techniques of American Tribal Style, Classical Oriental, Flamenco Fusion Belly Dance and Indian Fusion Belly Dance. She has choreographed and performed with her tribe for two large stage productions, the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival, cultural events, and private venues. She is thrilled to bring her knowledge of world belly dance to her new home here in the mountains, and can’t wait to shake that Butte!

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