Aerial Workshops with Jocelynn Rudig December 8 & 9

Aerial Workshops with Jocelynn Rudig 
Saturday, December 8th 

Silks Choreography Workshop 2:00-4:00 pm, Tuition $45

In this class we explore various ways to aid us in the creative process during Act creation. There are multiple techniques on how to create choreography and movement from the ground into the air. We will explore intention, focus and quality of movement to create a seamless and coherent intention behind our movement.

Adult Intermediate Sling Workshop 4:15-5:45 pm, Tuition $45

This workshop features new and interesting Sling vocabulary that can apply to Aerialists of all levels. Sling is a fun apparatus that secures us into picture perfect poses, provides interesting transitions in and out of moves and then magically, we dismount into the security of the bottom of the Sling. Come and explore the ins and endless outs of Aerial Sling!
You must be able to invert in the air, have at least 1 year of aerial experience or consent from the instructor.

Sunday, December 9th

Adult Rope Workshop (Advanced Students) 2:15-3:45 pm, Tuition $45

Aerial Rope and Silks are quickly sweeping the globe! Have you been wondering how you can fly through the air in an effortless way? Come explore the art of momentum in this Corde-nation workshop. In our time together, we learn the basics of how to translate Silks movement onto Aerial Rope. With a foundation in technique and an exploration in basic momentum we can learn to fly on both vertical apparatuses.

This workshop is geared toward flyers who can climb a fabric or rope, and execute basic foot locks in the air.

Space is limited! Register online at dancecrestedbutte.org

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