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Adult Registration

Class listing, registration, punch card, and dress information.  Join us and enjoy the movement and community that dance offers!

Register for Class

Full session registration is the most affordable way to join your favorite class style. You can also drop in using a Dance Punch Card ($15/class) or a one-time payment ($20/class) for any class at any time. You can register via the button below.

When registering for a course, take advantage of early registration, using the code “EarlyBird” to receive your discount.

Purchase a Punch Card

Punch cards are $150 for 10 classes (a 25% savings per class) and are valid for 6 months. We recommend you pre-register for classes to reserve your spot. You can use your punch card to attend any class except aerial technical classes.

You can purchase your card on Dance Studio. Click the button below, log in, and click the “Purchase Dance Card” icon.


Clean Sneakers and clothes that are easy to move in.

Aerial – Form-fitting tops that cover the underarms and bottoms that cover the backs of the knees. Clothes should not have zippers or buttons.  No jewelry.

Students should wear tights or black leggings and a solid-colored leotard with ballet shoes. Traditional ballet attire is pink tights and a black leotard, but we encourage our students to express themselves through their attire. Fitted shorts and ballet skirts are acceptable over tights and leotards. We prefer that students do not wear shirts over their leotards, but if they do, shirts should be fitted and have solid colors. In the winter, warm fitted layers are encouraged to keep muscles warm.  

Students should wear Leggings, a fitted top, and tap shoes.

Students should wear leggings and a fitted top. Check with teachers for preferred footwear.  


Students should wear a close-fitting shirt or crop top, jazz pants and a hip scarf.

Students should wear comfortable attire that is easy to move in – skirts and wraps are recommended. Dancers may be barefoot or wear comfortable shoes (no street shoes, please).


Adults are invited to wear the fitness clothing they are most comfortable in.  Good options are yoga clothes, leggings and tops, light sweatpants and tops, and any dancewear.  Feeling great is the priority!

Adult Programming

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