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2019 – 2020 Programs & Performance Dates

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Dance Program Pre-K to Grade 5

Performance Session: October 21 – April 4

~ Pre-K – Grade 5 Performances:  April 2-4

Our Pre-K through Grade 5 program will run through winter and spring and will culminate in our amazing spring shows – in April!

Classes begin right after October break and their schedule will stay the same until the spring. Classes are held one day per week and recognize the same breaks as the Community School calendar.

Dance Program Grades 6 – 12:  2 sessions

The Grades 6+ programming will continue to be divided into two sessions and culminate in two different performances. Classes offered in the winter sessions vary from spring genres with the exception of a few classes, like ballet and aerial skills, which run through both sessions. We have both 1 day per week classes and 2 day per week classes offered both sessions with the option to perform in the culminating shows. 

Grades 6+ Winter Performance Session – September 9 – December 20
Performance Week: December  8-15
Nutcracker Performances: December 13,14,15
Wellness Week: December 16-20

Grades 6+Spring Performance Session – January 6 – April 17
Performance Week: April 4-11
Performances: April 9, 10, 11
Wellness Week: April 13-17

Adult Programming: September – April and flexible

Adult classes will span all of the time frames mentioned above. We will be offering classes one day a week. Adults may choose to join performance and/or non-performance based classes.  ALL CLASSES ARE DROP IN! You can purchase a 10 class punch card ($150 for 10 classes) or just drop in and pay ($18 a class).

Move the Butte: February 19, 21 & 22

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