Conduct & Attire

We encourage you to read through our Code of Conduct and guidelines for attire.

CB School of Dance Rules and Conduct

A spirit of mutual respect and consideration will be expected amongst teachers and students.


Creative Dance- Girls:Pink tights, solid color leotard, no skirt unless attached to leotard. Shoes are optional, if no shoes footless pink tights. Hair up and off face, no jewelry. Boys: Black jazz pants or sweats or shorts, solid color t- shirt, shoes optional.


Level Pre-K – Girls: Pink leotard, any style, pink skirt (pull on only) pink ballet shoes, pink tights — no tutus please. Boys: Black jazz pants or sweats, plain white t shirt, black ballet and tap shoes with socks.  Tap shoes for 4 ½ -5 yr old class only.

Level K – 2 – Girls: pink tights, BLACK leotards (any style), pink split soled slippers, pull on skirts (pink or black). Boys: Black jazz pants or sweats, plain white t shirt, black ballet and tap shoes with socks.

Level 3-Adult– Girls: Pink tights, black leotards (any style but without the skirt attached), pink split sole ballet shoes,  wrap or pull-on skirts, leg warmers (optional). Boys: Black jazz pants or sweats, plain white t shirt, black ballet and tap shoes with socks.

Contemporary Ballet– leotards and tights (any color), split sole ballet shoes, warm up layers based on teacher discretion.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe- solid black leotard, pink FOOTED or CONVERTIBLE ballet tights, hair slicked back in bun, if short pulled up off face as much as possible, no jewelry, no ballet skirts, no leg warmers.
Split sole ballet shoes or Pre-Pointe shoes you will also need elastic, ribbon and toe pads (no gel pads!). Please contact for the different shoes & toe pads that can be used. The ribbon and elastic you can choose on your own. Students will be notified by their instructor when they are ready to advance to pointe shoes.

DO NOT SEW YOUR CHILD’S SHOES! Once you have purchased your shoes and supplies set up a ‘shoe meeting’. We will go over the fit of the shoe and make sure it is correct, we will show your child where AND HOW to sew their shoes, and the correct way to tie the ribbons. It is essential that your child learn to sew their shoes on their own (it’s very simple).

Ballet/Jazz (3rd – 5th grades) – Pink tights (footed or non-footed), black leotards – any style but without the skirt attached), ballet shoes, and soft black jazz shoes (slip-on or with laces), Black booty shorts. Boys: Black jazz pants or sweats, plain white t shirt, black ballet and soft black shoes.  Ballet shoes are an option for the Fall Dance Session only

Jazz (Levels 6-9) – close fitting shirts, jazz pants and/or booty shorts with tights, soft soled nude-colored jazz shoes or footies.

Jazz (Adult) – close fitting comfortable clothing, jazz or yoga pants, black jazz shoes or sneakers.

Jazz Funk–  clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in – a fusion of hip-hop and jazz attire. Sneakers are preferred, jazz shoes welcome.

Hip-Hop – loose fitting, comfortable clothing, CLEAN sneakers.

Tap – close fitting shirts, black jazz pants, black booty shorts, tap shoes. Optional: shorts, sweatshirts, and warm-ups at teachers discretion.

Lyrical–  Tights and spandex shorts, “jazz” or yoga type pants, form fitting top that can easily move with the body, barefoot/foot undeez / lyrical sandal shoe are all acceptable.

Contemporary/Modern – close fitting shirts, black jazz pants, black booty shorts, soft soled jazz shoes or footies.

Belly Dance – Close fitting shirt or crop top, jazz pants, hip scarf (can be purchased from studio).

Musical Theatre– Tight fitted pants or tights with some sort of skirt or sash flair. Light  sneakers or jazz shoes are necessary. Have fun with this outfit. Personal expression is encouraged!

Elements of Dance– Comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. Shoes are optional.

Aerial– Tight fitting tops and bottoms that cover the backs of the knees and underarms, such as leggings and t-shirts or long sleeves shirts. It is very important that clothes do not have any zippers or buttons on them to protect the equipment and everyone’s safety.



Please wear hair back, off of the face and out of your way unless your teacher allows otherwise. Ballet Dancers should wear hair up.


Keep all personal belongings in the cubbies and out of the waiting area.

Label all items, especially shoes with student’s name. Many items are expensive and look alike.

No street shoes, gum, food or drinks are allowed in the studios and no jewelry is permitted in class, except very small earrings that do not dangle.

Please clean up spills, trash, or crumbs from food and drink.

Valuables should be left at home or taken into the dance room with you.

Students are not to sit down or leave the classroom without permission.

Please respect the School’s and fellow student’s property.

Remember that the lobby area is not sound-proof. Please supervise visiting children and keep conversations quiet.

Parents, friends and siblings may watch class through the closed glass doors during the last 15 minutes only.


Please be prompt in picking up dancers after class ends, so that we can ensure the safety of all students.  Please do not enter the studio without an instructor present.

The Crested Butte School of Dance is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.