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Dance Styles

Which style of dance is perfect for you? CBSOD offers creative and classical dance genres for ages 1.5-102 that are graceful and sustained, weighted and choreographic, rhythmic and powerful, dynamic and fun!! If you don’t see the class you’re looking for on the schedule, email Program Director Alice Jennison at and we will create a custom class for you and your friends!

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Aerial Dance

Aerial dance is the art of performing various acrobatic movements while on an apparatus suspended in the air. Students gain physical and mental strength while learning to be graceful; they gain trust within themselves and confidence as they move through the air. Check out our Aerial Dance page for more information about our aerial program.  We encourage students to participate in ground dance classes to support the development of quality of movment in the air.  Classes are 45 minutes for K-2nd grade and 1 hour for grades 3 and up.

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Creative Movement

Age 3-5

Creative movement is the introduction class for all other dance classes!  This 45 minute class explores the elements of dance in a developmentally appropriate context.  Instruction builds movement skills, self-esteem, social/emotional growth, and love of dance.

Kids Dance


In tap class,  students make music with their feet and to develop rhythmic awareness.    Tap falls under the dance genre of jazz and trains dancers in musicality and technique builds coordination, dexterity, and strength in the lower legs and ankles and references ballet and jazz technical terminology.  Students have two performance opportunities each year: winter and spring.

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A one-hour ballet class is the first step in a child’s dance education toward advanced movement, including leaps and turns.  Instruction builds strength and flexibility, muscle development, and knowledge of anatomy, prioritizing safety. Class structure includes barre work, center work, and across-the-floor movement. If a child has a dream of pointe, this is where the training begins. Elementary ballet classes may be combined with another genre.  More advanced classes are longer than one hour.  Secondary ballet classes are leveled based student ability as assessed by SOD teachers. Traditional classical and contemporary ballet techniques with professionally trained ballet teachers. Students must dress appropriately, practice self discipline, and learn, know, and use proper ballet terminology. Teachers will focus on alignment for safety while pushing dancers to find their edge with flexibility, strength, movement quality, musicality, and advanced movements such as leaps and turns. This is where training for pointe continues.

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Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Grade six & up, student eligibility must be determined prior to registration

Traditional pointe classes with professionally trained ballet and pointe teachers.  Pointe training is scaffolded from pre-pointe forward.  Sometimes we offer a separate pre-pointe preparation class, and sometimes we combine pointe beginners with the pointe I class.  Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength and physical development as well as by their age and should be discussed with the ballet teacher and directors.  If you are interested in pursuing pointe training, please contact Alice Jennison at

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The defining characteristic of jazz dance is “an aesthetic of cool.” Jazz technique is based on ballet technique and uses similar terminology. Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of styles, including classical jazz and current trending styles. Elementary jazz classes may be combined with another genre.  Secondary jazz classes are leveled based student ability as assessed by SOD teachers.

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The lyrical class combines elements of jazz and ballet. Dancers will explore a realm of musicality and movement that relates specifically to song content and the emotion of lyrics. It is an intricate, technical, dynamic, and emotional dance genre.  Secondary Lyrical classes are leveled based on student ability as assessed by SOD teachers.

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Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art. Elementary classes play dance games and learn to improvise and experiment with strength and balance. Middle school and high school students practice improvisation and choreography in a relaxed, fun environment. 

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Grade six & up

Tap falls under the dance genre of jazz and trains dancers in musicality. Tap technique builds coordination, dexterity, and strength in the lower legs and ankles and references ballet and jazz technical terminology.  

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Modern Contemporary Dance

Dancers will explore the traditional framework of modern dance from a contemporary perspective. Each class includes a warm-up, technique, and movement phrases. The class emphasis will be on developing alignment, increasing strength and flexibility, developing a  range of organic movement qualities, exploring new vocabularies and phrasing styles, and encouraging individual investigation and embodiment of purposeful movement.

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Adult Ballet

Adult dancers will experience a differentiated ballet class appropriate for all levels of students.  This is a full 75 minute class that includes barre work, stretching, center practice, and choreographic ballet movement phrases across the floor and in the center.

hip hop


This class will embrace a variety of movements, dances, and traditions from multiple countries of Africa. We will study and explore the differences and similarities of the rich cultural elements and meanings behind the moves, as well as touch on a range of rhythms and their relation to dance with live drum choreography and stomp percussion. Fun and friendly, engaging and educational!

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Belly Dance

Based on belly dance styles worldwide, this class will focus on basic belly dance techniques, combinations, and choreography.

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