Registration FAQ's

Registration for Blocks 4 & 5 is open!   Scholarship applications are open for Block 5 through May 21.  

Registration FAQs

  • Do you offer payment plans? Yes! If you prefer to pay your tuition in installments, please contact Shelly at to set up a payment plan.
  • Do you offer scholarships? Yes! We provide scholarships for students of all levels of ability and ages (youth and adults). Visit for more information, including application forms and deadlines.
  • How do registration fees work? We love it when students register early! Early registration is vital for our organization and helps our individual instructors prepare for their classes. To encourage families to register early, we offer these incentives:

– Register early to WAIVE registration fee. 

Block 4 registration opens FRIDAY, MARCH 29 at 9:00am!

– SOD is waiving all  registration fees for Block 4. 

–  Block 4 classes start THURSDAY, MAY 9.   

Block 5 registration opens FRIDAY, APRIL 5 at 9:00am! 

– Register early to WAIVE Block 5 registration fee.(Use promo code Summer2024-100 at checkout):ENROLL BY JUNE 3

– Register at least 1 day before classes start to receive 50% OFF Block 5 registration fee. (Use Summer2024-50 promo code at checkout): ENROLL BY JUNE 16

– No registration discounts once the block starts: Block 5 classes start MONDAY JUNE 17


  • What should I do if I want to perform in the Nutcracker? To perform in a particular piece in the Nutcracker, you will need to register for the “Rehearsal” class as well as the associated technique class for BOTH blocks. The required technique classes are listed under the class descriptions for each Rehearsal class. The primary goal of this format is to ensure dancers get proper technique classes and also have enough time to adequately rehearse for a show. Please read the descriptions and reach out to with any questions. We’re happy to help!
  • Is there a performance fee for the Nutcracker? Each Rehearsal class has a $50 “Nutcracker Performance Fee” included in the tuition. This fee helps cover overall production costs and includes a costume rental. You will only be charged this fee once per piece, so if you paid it in Block 1, you will not be charged again in Block 2. Regular technique classes do not have this fee.
  • When will the Nutcracker performances be? The performances are scheduled for December 13 and 14, 2024 at the Center for the Arts. The show week of December 8-14 will include rehearsals at the Pump Room and the Center.
  • What do I need to know to prepare for the Nutcracker performances? We’ll provide “Recital Vitals” later this fall that will explain all the details, including costumes, rehearsal and show schedules, and much more.
  • What if a class I want to take is already full? If a class you wish to take is full, please add your name to the waitlist! That way we will know how many want to take that class and may be able to add a class to accommodate demand.
  • Can I take dance classes even if I can’t perform in the Nutcracker? Yes! If you don’t want to perform in the Nutcracker and/or want a more flexible dance schedule, you’re welcome to fully register or drop-in to “non-rehearsal” classes of your choice (except aerial classes) in either block.
  • Do any classes allow drop-ins? Yes! Many of our ground dance classes in Block 1 and Block 2 are open for drop-ins. Aerial classes are not eligible for drop-ins. However, please remember you will not be able to perform in the Nutcracker without fully registering.
  • Can I play soccer AND take dance classes? Our Block 1 schedule fully aligns with the WESA fall soccer schedule, and we’ve tried hard to minimize conflicts between soccer and dance, so hopefully soccer players can find dance classes that work!
  • Are there classes during Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break? No, we won’t have classes during the CBCS Fall Break or Thanksgiving Break . We also won’t have classes on Monday, (Labor Day) or October 31 (Halloween).
  • Can classes be canceled? Minimum enrollment for a class is five students. If there is low enrollment for a class, it will be canceled before the block begins. We encourage you to reach out to friend groups and get them enrolled together!
  • What are your class rates and refund policies? You can find all the details on our rate structure at Learn about multi-class discounts, punchcards, cancelation and refund policies, and more.
  • How do punchcards work? We offer 10-class punchcards for both youth and adults, which provide a discounted rate for drop-in classes. Punchcards can be used for ground dance classes (up to 75 minutes-long). They cannot be used for camps or aerial classes.
  • How is tuition calculated for each class? The base tuition rate is $16.25/hour for ground classes and $28.50/hour for aerial classes. For example, if a 60-minute ground class meets 8 times during a block, the base tuition will be $130. There is no charge for classes during show week, as regular classes are not held this week. “Rehearsal” classes will have a performance fee added to the base tuition. Mountain Movers Company classes may have different rates than described here.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please let us know!


– Updated 4/21/24 

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