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Aerial Dance

Our aerial silks classes offer strength and agility training that is accessible to a wide range of ability levels, body types, and ages.

Aerial Offerings

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Level 1

For never-evers, beginners, and students who have taken long breaks from aerial training. It is common for students to repeat this level until the teacher recommends the next level.

The instructional focus of level I is on foundational skills, strength, and the coordination needed for aerial training in silk fabric. Students will build, maintain and practice these coordinations in the knot, ground, and air with simple sequencing and variations. Students train in short and long arm positions, learning foundational aerial safety. 

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Level 2

For aerialists with consistent aerial classes and training for six consecutive months to 1 year.

Silks Required Skills (both sides):

  • able to tie a high knot on silks safely w/o the teacher’s help and pull over correctly,
  • can invert with ease and straddle up 3x in a row with split silks and pole,
  • demonstrates a clear knowledge of basic climbing and Russian climbing 
  • can cleanly execute the basic foot lock, circus foot lock, and aerial dance foot lock in the air.
  • can execute a clean hip key on the ground and in the air
  • is able to execute cross-back inversion from “strong man” entry safely.
  • Can safely sequence through all basic level one moves
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Level 3

Suitable for Aerialists who can demonstrate the skills below.

Silks Required Skills (both sides):

  • able to safely execute at least three or more circus climbs and same-side knee climbs in a row,
  • can hold straight arm hang for 10sec with PROPER and safe shoulder alignment,
  • can stay in the air for three and a half min and sequence with ease,  
  • feels comfortable inverting split silk and doing half birdcage in the air
  • can perform a front and back balance on the ground and in the air. 
  • understands the basics of fabric theory and body awareness in the air 
  • can execute proper techniques such as straight legs and pointed toes 
  • can SAFELY execute 360 with proper form, wraps, and getting out of it  
  • can hold a hollow body for at least 15 sec
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Level 4

Suitable for Aerialists who can demonstrate the skills below.
Silks/Sling Required Skills:
  • must be able to tie a knot on silks safely w/o teachers’ help,
  • can invert and perform 5 pistons,
  • able to straddle up 5x in a row,
  • can successfully perform a basic climb,
  • able to demonstrate Russian and straddle climbs,
  • can complete a figure 8 and dancer footlock,
  • can stay in the air for 3-4 min and perform hip keys in the air,
  • understands cross-back straddle variations,
  • can perform a catchers wrap in the air,
  • can repeat these skills with spinning, and
  • can repeat and retain complex sequencing.
Lyra Required Skills:
  • can hold single knee positions for 15 sec while spinning on the low bar with one or two hands,
  • able to maintain a hands-free double knee hang for 15 sec,
  • can perform a vine climb to a seated position and descend through a double knee hang,
  • understands intermediate moves in the hoop, 
  • can perform a knee hang on the top bar, and
  • understands lyra transitions: transverse, frontal (coronal), and Sagittal.
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Private Aerial Lessons

Private lessons are available for all levels of aerial silks for all ages. Private lessons are catered to the student’s specific levels, and students will have more time on the equipment than in normal group classes. 



All aerial silks classes take place at the
Center for the Arts/Jones Performance Hall

606 6th Street
Crested Butte

Alexandria Rodriquez


Email Alexandria, our Artistic Director and Aerial Instructor

Crested Butte School of Dance Dancers
Crested Butte School of Dance Dancer
Crested Butte School of Dance Dancers
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